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7 Kawa Drive

Flat Bush




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Indicates areas predicted to be covered by flood water as result of a rainstorm event of a scale that occurs on average once every hundred years. These areas have been produced from hydraulic modelling. The floodplain contains the most up to date information for each of the 23 Stormwater Catchments in the Auckland region. Summary data for each catchment is attributed against each floodplain. Created by the Auckland Council Stormwater Hydraulic Modelling Team.
淹水平原区为平均每一百年发生一次规模的暴雨事件而预计将被洪水覆盖的区域。 这些区域是通过洪水模型建模预测的。 洪水区包含奥克兰地区23个雨水集水区每一个的最新信息。 每个流域的汇总数据归因于每个洪水区。 由奥克兰市政局水利建模团队创建。
Flood prone areas are topographical depressions. The areas occur naturally, or are created by dammed gullies created by man-made features such as roads and railway embankments. The flood prone extent is the area water will pond up to in a 1% AEP extreme rainfall event assuming the outlet to the topographical depression is blocked. Created by the Auckland Council Stormwater Hydraulic Modelling Team.
洪灾多发区多为地形低谷。 这些区域是自然发生的,或者是由人为特征造成的有沟壑。 洪水易发程度前提在于地形凹陷处的排洪口被堵塞,在1%AEP的极端降雨事件中将被水将积聚。由奥克兰市政局暴雨水力建模团队创建。
Areas adjacent to the 100yr ARI floodplain that are within 0.5m of the predicted 100yr ARI flood level. These mapped areas are to ensure the appropriate planning rules are considered for properties developing adjacent to the floodplain Created by the Auckland Council Stormwater Hydraulic Modelling Team.
与百年一遇洪泛区相邻的区域,位于预计100年洪灾水位0.5m之内。 这个区域是为了确保针对奥克兰市政府对于附近开发的房地产考虑适当的规划。由奥克兰市政局暴雨水力建模团队创建。
Predicted path stormwater takes, in a rain event, as it flows downhill over the land. Created by the Auckland Council Stormwater Hydraulic Modelling Team.
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* Data Source: Stats NZ census 2018
Updated 10th Feb 2020 The blue dot meaning the location of housing new zealand owned property.